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MNGer -  A Simple Windows MNG Animation player

MNGer is media player for MNG videos/animations.

Since MAME now supports MNG I have made this small player.

It associates MNG files with the player upon setup, and is a very quick, nice easy way to play MNG videos, and also plays supporting MP3's' if available

Its simple to setup, configure and simple to use, and works just like any basic Media Player.

After setup either launch the application, or just double click on a MNG file to play.

Download version 1.51 (860KB)

For feedback, to report bugs, and feature requests please visit the forum here:

.net framework 1.1
Windows 98SE or above


  • Launch application and select MNG
  • Drag and drop MNG file
  • Open a MNG in Windows Explorer
  • Open from the command line
    '-fullscreen' plays the MNG full screen and exits when MNG is complete
    '-fixaspect' attempts to detect MAME game orientation and fix the aspect ration to 4:3 or 3:4
    '-hidemouse' hides the mouse pointer
    e.g. mnger.exe c:\mame\snap\1942.mng -fullscreen -fixaspect

Download MAME


17th February 2007 V 1.51
Fixes play timer being visable when full screen cmd line option used
New command line option -hidemouse.

3rd October 2006 V 1.50
Shows playing time and total time of animation.

15th May 2006 V 1.40
Correctly creates .mng file association.
Works correctly if .net framework 2.0 installed

30th August 2005 V 1.30
Now shows last frame when stopping the video or when its reached the end.
Faster screen refresh (a bit smoother).
Previously when stopping the MNG, it would still be playing on a thread in the background. Did no harm but would be taking up a bit more memory.
Now wont crash if you load a corrupt MNG

29th August 2005 V 1.20
Now works on Windows 98 and ME

28th August 2005 V 1.01
The first non beta version. Uses the latest MNG version DLL, and no VC debug libraries. Files that previously played too slow should play fine, and MNG playback should now be perfected.

28th August 2005 V 0.40
New command line options and features for integration with Front Ends.
'-fullscreen' plays the MNG full screen and exits when MNG is complete
'-fixaspect' attempts to detect MAME game orientation and fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 3:4
e.g. mnger.exe c:\mame\snap\1942.mng -fullscreen -fixaspect
Now exits when escape key is pressed.

27th August 2005 V 0.35
Supports drag & drop

27th August 2005 V 0.3
Should have full compatibility now (Crashtests Surf Planet and Elevator Action Returns now play). 
Basically all files 'should' play now.

27th August 2005
All timing and synchronization issues should be fixed.
Added missing file msvcrtd.dll to install.
Much less CPU usage.

25th August 2005
First version made public.
Source code will be released very shortly, just need to tidy it up (I don't want to look too stupid!)

If you require the source code, help or extra development of this project, I am for hire. See my company site: spesoft