Update to Remote Desktop Web Connection to allow connections with other port numbers.

I updated the IIS Remote Desktop Page (TSWEB) to allow connecting using different RDP port numbers. Thought others might find it useful. Its a very simple update that any vbscript programmer could do, but if you can't code....

You can get it here http://tomspeirs.com/TsWebPorts.zip

Just replace default.htm in C:\WINDOWS\Web\TSWeb

You can now use a server name with port like in regular remote desktop like server1:3390

Here's the changed code:

sub BtnConnect
    Dim serverName    'server
    if not Document.all.Server.value = "" then       serverName = Document.all.Server.value
       serverName = Document.location.hostname
    end if
        serverName = trim(serverName)

        if instr(servername,":")>0 then
          dim splitstr(1)
            if isnumeric(splitstr(1)) and len(splitstr(1))>0 and len(splitstr(1))<6 then
           end if
     end if

    On Error Resume Next
    MsRdpClient.server = servername

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